General terms and conditions of travel – IRU Travel

General terms and conditions of travel – IRU Travel ApS

The general travel terms and conditions of Iru ApS (hereinafter referred to as Iru Travel) apply to the combination of travel services designated as a package travel, cf. Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and the Danish Act on Package Travels and Combined Travel Arrangements (Lov om pakkerejser og sammensatte rejsearrangementer) (L 2017-12-26 no. 1666). The above rules apply when two or more travel services are purchased at the same time, which together constitute a package travel. IRU Travel is a tour operator under the Danish Act on Package travels, Section 5 (6). The following provisions have been prepared in accordance with the Danish Act on Package travels and Combined Travel Arrangements, which together with other Danish legislation, regulates purchases and any claims that may be brought against Iru Travel.

1. entering into an agreement with IRU travel

1.1 Purchase of package travels

The parties enter into a binding agreement regarding the purchase of a package travel from Iru Travel when the booking confirmation has been sent to the customer and the deposit has been paid in a timely manner. The agreement is NOT binding for Iru Travel until the deposit or the charge for the full travel price has been paid in a timely manner. Upon payment by the customer of the deposit, the customer accepts Iru Travel’s general terms and conditions and any special terms, as stated in the customer’s travel plan or program, as well as Iru Travel’s privacy policy (link). It is a prerequisite for the purchase of package travel that the customer is 18 years of age at the time of purchase or that the customer can present a declaration from parents or guardians granting permission for the trip.

1.2 Travel documents

The customer’s travel documents, etc., will be forwarded to the email address provided by the customer. Final travel documents, including air tickets and vouchers, will be sent no later than 10 days before departure. It is the customer’s sole responsibility that personal data etc. are correctly stated on travel documents, cf. also subsection 4.3

2. package travel price and payment

Upon purchase of a package travel, the deposit shall be paid as charged, cf. subsection 1.1. Local fees may apply upon arrival at certain travel destinations, including entrance tickets and fees, which Iru Travel cannot charge in advance. Costs for passports, visas, vaccinations, insurance policies and similar are not included in the price, unless otherwise stated. For further information on the above, see subsection 4.2.There may also be local charges at the travel destination for the use of special hotel facilities, and similarly one should factor in that certain hotels charge rent for sun beds, umbrellas, internet access, etc. Iru Travel is entitled to cancel the package travel if the balance is not paid within the deadline specified by IRU Travel.

3. matters pertaining to insurance

3.1 The customer’s insurance, including travel and cancellation insurance is, as a rule, the customer’s own responsibility. If the customer takes out cancellation insurance or travel insurance through Iru Travel’s partners, the insurance must be taken out before purchasing a package travel. All passengers must have taken out the necessary insurance before the start of the package travel, including insurance that covers in case of a medical emergency and the need for transport home from the destination. The blue EU health insurance card provides the right to treatment on the same terms as the travel destination’s citizens and includes travel outside of Denmark in the following countries: Andorra, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (the Greek section), Estonia, Finland, France, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, the Canary Islands, the Channel Islands, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Vatican and Austria.

4. the customer’s general obligations

4.1 Upon conclusion of the agreement

Upon receipt of the travel offer, travel documents and practical information, the customer is required to review the submitted documents and respond immediately to Iru Travel if the submitted material is not in accordance with the agreed-upon information. The customer must contact Iru Travel immediately if the customer has not received the travel documents within 5 working days prior to departure.

4.2 Passport, visa and vaccinations

It is the customer’s responsibility to be in possession of relevant personal travel documents, including a valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity at the end of the trip, appropriate documentation for any required vaccinations, and any entry permit or visa from the relevant authorities. Iru Travel is not responsible for and does not provide compensation if the customer’s failure to possess the above-mentioned materials means that the package travel cannot be used in whole or in part. In this regard, it is noted that there may be a long processing time for applications for passports, visas and entry permits, so the customer is encouraged to apply in good time and to inform themselves thoroughly of the rules before purchasing package travels for the respective travel destinations on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

4.3 Names of travel documents

The customer must state their full name as indicated in their passport when purchasing a package travel. It is the customer’s sole responsibility that the information is correct and, generally, this cannot be changed after the purchase of a package travel. Any additional costs or other consequences caused by the customer’s incorrect information are irrelevant to IRU Travel.

4.4 Attendance

It is the customer’s own responsibility to arrive in a timely manner for departures, activities, etc., which are included in the package travel. It is recommended to arrive three hours before planned flights. All arrival times indicated on the booking confirmation, on the website, in the travel document, etc. must be considered as expected and are indicated in local time. IRU Travel cannot be held liable for losses and inconvenience caused by minor deviations in relation to the stated arrival times. It is noted that the customer is obliged to keep themselves continuously informed of minor deviations.

4.5 Regulations

The customer is obliged to follow instructions pertaining to the package travel from IRU Travel, airlines, etc. and must be able to manage by themselves or to travel with someone who can provide personal assistance if required. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they are fit and their luggage is suitable for air and bus transport as well as the package travel activities. Airline staff and any chauffeurs at the travel destinations may delay or refuse access for persons who, due to illness, intoxication or other reasons, are unsuitable to take part in a trip or cause inconvenience to their travelling companions.

4.6 The customer’s breach of contract

The customer is liable for damages in accordance with general compensation rules for damages caused to, inter alia, the airline, hotels, travel managers, IRU Travel or other travelling companions and their belongings. The customer cannot hold IRU Travel financially responsible for the above.

5. changes before the start of the package travel

5.1 Transfer of package travel contract

The customer can transfer the package travel according to the Danish Act on Package travels, Section 16. The transfer can be made to anyone who meets all the terms of the agreement. It is a prerequisite for the transfer that Iru Travel be informed within a reasonable period and no later than 7 days before the commencement of the package travel. In addition, it is a requirement that the airline, the hotel or other suppliers’ rules do not prohibit the transfer. IRU Travel will charge a fixed change fee of DKK 500 as well as any change fees from airlines, hotels, etc. IRU Travel may also charge the customer all reasonable costs arising from the transfer. The transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for payment of the package travel and any costs arising from the transfer

5.2 Price changes

The package travel price is calculated on the basis of applicable tariffs, fees and exchange rates. Iru Travel therefore reserves the right, prior to the commencement of the package travel, to make such price changes as are caused by changes in transportation costs (e.g. fuel prices), taxes or fees (e.g. airport, start or landing fees) or exchange rates used to calculate the price of the current trip. This also applies even if the payment for the trip has been made in full. If the price of the package travel is increased by more than 8%, the customer is entitled to cancel the trip and receive a refund. However, it is a requirement that the cancellation be notified to IRU Travel immediately after notification of the price increase.

6. Cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel the package travel on the following terms, unless IRU Travel has indicated during the purchase of the package travel that cancellations due to the supplier’s circumstances (airplanes, hotels, etc.) cannot be made without the loss of the entire package travel price.

In case of cancellation

A. The traveler will always find cancellations terms on each booking, airplanes are not refundable.

B. If the traveler is using split payment or pay later options and they miss out one of payment, they will loose all right to refunds of the already prepaid amount.

6.1 Deficiencies with the package travel

A deficiency with the trip occurs if the customer does not receive the services agreed through the booking confirmation or special agreements with Iru Travel and indicated on the travel document, or if the services are of poorer quality than agreed or guaranteed. Irregularities, which would normally be described as trivial, are not considered deficiencies. If weather and temperature conditions at the destination differ from normal, this will also not qualify as a deficiency, and similarly, nor will matters that are primarily the result of the customer’s negligence. If the customer wishes to claim a deficiency during the package travel, the customer must notify IRU Travel as soon as possible after the customer has identified the deficiency. If the local health authorities decide that the customer, due to illness, epidemic or similar at the destination, must remain in their room or at the hotel during parts of the holiday, this is not considered a deficiency that IRU Travel must compensate or is liable for. This applies regardless of whether the health authorities’ orders are due to the travelers’ or others’ circumstances. Likewise, IRU Travel is not responsible for any additional costs for extended accommodation and any meals nor for subsequent return travel if this is after the end of the package travel period and is necessitated by guidelines from the local health authorities. If the customer wishes to interrupt the trip early and return home at their own initiative, without this being justifiably caused by circumstances on the part of IRU Travel, the customer is obliged to bear the cost of the return trip. Reimbursement will not be paid for any unused parts of the trip at the destination.

6.2 Complaints

Any complaints made during the trip must be made as soon as possible after the deficiency has been identified so that said deficiency can be remedied. Complaints that could not be submitted during the trip must be notified to IRU Travel as soon as possible and no later than 4 weeks after the end of the package travel. Complaints received too late may affect IRU Travel’s assessment of any proportionate reduction or compensation.

6.3 Remediation, proportionate reduction

If there are deficiencies with the package travel, the customer may demand that Iru Travel remedy the defect, unless this is impossible or will incur Iru Travel disproportionate costs taking into account the extent of the deficiency and the value of the affected travel services. If the customer can demand remediation and IRU Travel does not remedy the defect within a reasonable time set by the customer, the customer may self-remediate the defect and claim the necessary expenses for remediation reimbursed. If remediation is not required for the reasons stated above, the customer is entitled to a proportionate reduction in the price or, depending on the circumstances, compensation for direct and attributable financial losses. If a significant part of the agreed travel services is not delivered, Iru Travel shall, without charge to the customer, offer these alternative travel services, which are as much as possible of an equivalent or higher quality than agreed.

6.4 Termination

If a deficiency affects the package travel significantly and if IRU Travel has not performed remediation within a reasonable deadline, the customer may cancel the package travel agreement. If the customer terminates the agreement, IRU Travel shall refund all amounts paid under the agreement less an amount equal to the value that the package travel has had for the customer. If the customer terminates the agreement during the trip and if the package travel includes passenger transportation, the customer is entitled to make sure that IRU Travel, without undue delay, handles of the return transport of the customer with a means of transport corresponding to the agreed transportation, at no cost to the customer.

6.5 Compensation

The customer is entitled to compensation from IRU Travel for any financial loss suffered by the customer as a result of a deficiency, unless the deficiency is caused by:

1) the customer’s own circumstances,

2) an unauthorized third party and is unpredictable or unavoidable,

3) unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

If the deficiency caused the customer significant inconvenience, a compensation may be paid to the customer, unless the deficiency is caused by one of the above-mentioned conditions. IRU Travel does not provide any compensation for inconvenience due to supply failure at hotels, including temporary interruptions of hot water, heating, air conditioning, etc. Compensation is not paid, either, if swimming pools and similar facilities are temporarily out of use due to necessary repairs or maintenance work. Finally, IRU Travel waives any responsibility for information that is found in the hotels’ own brochures. Customers are responsible for valuables and money that they brought with them as well as storing these during their holiday. Iru Travel is not responsible for valuables that are lost from the hotel’s deposit boxes or the like.6.6 Complaints about the package travel When purchasing a package travel including hotel stays and transportation, a complaint can be directed to the Package travel Appeals Board (Pakkerejse-Ankenævnet), which processes complaints for a fee of DKK 275 (2016). The fee will be refunded if the customer’s complaint is deemed justified. Link to the Package travel Appeals Board’s website: personal data Below is a brief summary of the key elements of Iru Travel’s personal data policy. Iru Travel’s personal data policy and cookie policy can be found in full here [insert link].

7.1 Responsible for personal data and contact information

IRU Travel is the data controller for the processing of personal data. If you have questions about how we handle your personal data or personal data in general, you are welcome to contact us at tel. +45 93303633 In addition, enquiries regarding personal data may be sent to IRU Travel’s data controller [email protected] or til IRU Travel, Vestergade 33, 1. floor, 4600 Koege - Denmark

7.2 Collection and handling of personal data

IRU Travel collects personal data when customers contact IRU Travel or use IRU Travel’s services. We also collect personal information about children and other travelling companions on a package travel, and we can supplement and update the customer’s personal data with data from private and public registers. IRU Travel uses personal data in order to run and manage the customer’s package travel, develop services and comply with applicable rules. We store the customer’s personal data for three years, but we have the option to store personal data for up to 10 years if the customer consents to it or lodges a complaint about a package travel within 3 years. Some of our business partners and suppliers (e.g. hotels and airlines) are located outside the EU/EEA area.

7.3 Your rights

The customer consents to Iru Travel’s handling of personal data when using Iru Travel’s services at or through contact with Iru Travel’s employees or a representative. The customer has the right to withdraw their consent, obtain information about stored personal data and request erasure, supplementation or rectification of the customer’s data. The customer also has the right to request that processing of personal data is limited to specific purposes. Upon revocation of consent, IRU Travel’s processing of the data covered by the consent will cease and personal data will be deleted.

7.4 If you want to complain

Violations of the Danish Data Protection Act can be reported to the Danish Data Protection Agency. Read more on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website [insert link].